Work With Us

At TI42 we’re on the lookout for energetic, dynamic individuals to lend their talents and perspectives as part of an active and productive team. If you’re looking at a career with rewarding experience points and a unique work system, get in touch today.

Working At Thisis42

At TI42, our team prioritizes a workflow that functions as an efficient means to churn out the best output for our clients. With unparalleled working standards in a remote-based approach, you have the freedom to build your own hours in addition to an involved and awesome team to help you further!

The Recruitment Process

As we are a remote based company with outsourced workflow, you will be subject to a screening process upon your application. Once your application is passed through the preliminary point, we will get in touch to conduct the remaining stages of your application process.

CV Submission

Submit your CV to OPERATIONS@THISIS42.COM with a cover letter describing how you fit the role. Once we take a look, we will get in touch within the earliest working days.

Phone Screening

Upon passing the CV check, we will email you with an appropriate date and time to conduct a talk via virtual phone interview. While we like to keep things professional, do not be alarmed! It is simply so we can assess a potential team member, and to discuss any questions you might have for the role you wish to apply for.

Skill Assessment

Post phone-screen process, you will be tasked with a simple skill assessment pertaining to your potential role. A deadline will be set, and after your submission we will carefully evaluate your presented work to determine if the application is to be greenlit.

Final Interview

Congratulations! After all the steps mentioned above, you will be subject to a final interview. This is a casual screening as we wean out the specifics, and make any adjustments to your role as required. Take a look at our available job openings if you’re interested and get in touch at your earliest; we’re excited to work with you!

Available Job Openings

At This Is 42 our team encompasses a wide range of specialists in departments spanning video, content generation, social media management, web development, and administrations. Take a look at our current openings, and get in touch if you find one that suits your profile.