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Conversations with Coleman

Conversations with Coleman is a platform that champions Free Speech, Free thought and open debate – Values that play a pivotal role in a liberal society.

Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Watch unedited interviews with intellectuals on the topics of delineating extremism on the left, Theories of Everything (physics), free will, and consciousness. Exploring a fully articulated approach, where each interlocutor says what they think to be the case as precisely as possible without concern for high-level non-detail oriented conversations, is what I believe is both what people are most interested and what can move us away from dogmatic / unruly extremism

A Special Place in Hell with Meghan Daum & Sarah Haider

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” — Madeleine Albright The hosts Meghan Daum and Sarah Haider, are two very different women separated by a generation and also wildly divergent life choices. Both Sarah and Meghan feel that our discourse is fucked— too politicized, too performative, and increasingly separated from reality. This podcast will offer an alternative to the nonsense: a space to think differently about culture, society, and especially sex (specifically what’s good about it, what’s bad about it and what we can and can’t do about any of it).

The Poetry of Reality

The Poetry Of Reality is a podcast hosted by renowned evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins. This is an audio and video experience that tracks our acclaimed protagonist in his navigation of the natural world and his pursuit of truth through scientific curiosity.

The Life of the Mind

Delve deep into the labyrinth of the human mind with Professor Steven Pinker as he demystifies the complexities of the human condition using the tools offered by cognitive psychology. Steven is a world-renowned Cognitive Psychologist, Linguist and Professor who has taught at Harvard, MIT & Stanford Universities, and has made it to Time Magazines’ 100 Most Influential People in the World Today. Calling Professor Pinker a Titan in his field would definitely be an understatement! Buckle up for a mind-bending journey into evolutionary psychology, the language of the brain and more.


Wrongthink is a podcast where minds are free to go wherever logic might take them. Hosts Thomas Chatterton Williams and Jeff Maurer explore the issues of the day with the goal of shedding light on areas that have been left unexplored. The podcast is – as the tagline says – “more of a question than a comment”.

The Heart Speaks with Chloe Valdary

The Heart Speaks is a curation of interviews with brilliant philosophers, artists, writers and academics who have made a profound impact in the world around us. Discover great insights from the world of art, creativity, philosophy and culture with unbridled perspectives from the world’s sharpest minds.

Uniting America with John Wood Jr.

Politicians talk about uniting America, but who really means it? Millions of people think the USA is on the brink of divorce, but who is serious about holding America together? It’s going to take more than slogans to heal a country torn apart by mobs, demagogues and social media. It’s going to take leaders willing to talk to all sides–and challenge everyone to do better. John Wood Jr. (National Ambassador for Braver Angels) has spent his life at the intersections of race, class, politics and faith rebuilding trust between the American people to save American democracy. Listen as he challenges, and humanizes, some of the leading and most controversial figures in our politics while bringing you into the movement to build a house, united.

New episodes drop every Thursday, 4pm PT

What The Hell Happened To Sri Lanka?

What the Hell Happened to Sri Lanka is a five-episode limited podcast series that attempts to investigate the domino effect of events around the Rajapaksa regime that led up to the island’s current economic and political crisis. In this podcast, host Desh Amila talks to notable members of the Parliament, journalists, economists and researchers, to help paint a picture of the evolution of the current socio-political climate in his birth country of Sri Lanka.

Fair Perspectives

FAIR Perspectives is the official podcast of the pro-human movement, brought to you by the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR). Hosts Melissa Chen and Angel Eduardo hope to elevate a pro-human approach to our deadlocked discourse on a variety of topics including race, gender, politics, and more. They talk to public intellectuals, authors and industry leaders as well as everyday teachers, students, employees, and others dedicated to creating a world where we are judged by the content of our character and not our immutable characteristics.

Straight Ahead

Straight Ahead, the Omni American Podcast features stimulating conversations with thoughtful writers, civic leaders, artists and scholars. On Straight Ahead, hosts Greg Thomas and Aryeh Tepper examine sources of cultural vitality, from jazz music to the Jewish tradition, to counter the challenges posed by liberal forces on the left and right. Along the way, celebrating human excellence from whenever and wherever the source. If you’re searching for generous and soulful approaches to contemporary challenges, join us for Straight Ahead, the Omni American Podcast.

I Might Be Wrong

“Comedy, politics and swearing in pretty much equal amounts” – I Might be Wrong is a podcast and several-times-weekly column that covers politics and economics with a comedic voice. Instead of trying to interpret the world from a single viewpoint, Jeff picks apart the thinking behind the viewpoints and digs deep into policy. Persistently curious and frequently hilarious, I Might Be Wrong is as the economist and author Joshua Gans called “by a long way the greatest substack.” Hence is one of the best podcast creations as well. 



This Is 42 Podcast is an extension of the live events that we organise. It is a deeper dive into the topic of conversation in a longer and more intimate format with the talents featured in the events. The podcast will be hosted by Desh Amila.


The Dilemma Podcast features prominent thinkers discussing a different moral dilemma in every episode. Hosted by Jay Shapiro & Coleman Hughes with moral dilemmas to soothe your existential dread.