Steven Pinker


About Steven

Professor Steven Pinker discusses the complex structures of cognitive psychology by addressing topics related to communication and common knowledge, language, and the paradigms of human nature.

A Canadian-American cognitive psychologist, psycholinguist, and popular author, Pinker earned his bachelor’s degree in 1976 through the McGill University Montreal, and has won prestigious titles for his work from institutes such as the National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Institution of Great Britain, and the American Psychological Association. 

With eight honorary doctorates, multiple awards for teaching from MIT, and numerous accolades for his books on human theorem, Professor Pinker is currently monitoring research on issues related to the role of common knowledge, neurobiology and genetics of language and much more. 

To get involved in Steven Pinker’s insightful discussions, check out his work on platforms like YouTube,, Instagram, and Spotify.


Thanks whoever convinced Pinker to start this series, I’m definitely going to be watching all of it. Very high production value too.

@sickomode2345, YouTube

Steven in short, accessible bites with video stimulus as well. My brain can’t handle long, audio-only podcasts. This is incredible! Thanks.