Tom Nash

International Keynote Speaker, stroyteller, Vagabond

About Tom Nash

It’s one thing to survive a life-threatening illness, it’s another to thrive thereafter; mesmerising audiences around the world as a Keynote Speaker, DJ, and quadruple amputee like it’s nobody’s business. Then again, failure has never been Tom Nash’s favourite F-word.

A taste for disruptive ideas, and a generous pour of Bordeaux are recommended accompaniments for experiencing the full flavour of Tom’s thought-provoking perspectives; the power of pragmatism, separation of ‘life-noise’, and the necessity for self-reflection. Tom allows no excuse for mediocrity, and no apology for adversity.

Tom’s penchant for captivating storytelling, alongside his dark sense of humour and his razor-sharp wit are melted down into ideas for life that leave audiences truly grounded, and unequivocally hooked

Tom Nash has spent his adult life mesmerising audiences around the world, either with his thought-provoking philosophies or hypnotic DJ sets. However, before his career had even begun, Tom was given the slimmest chance of survival after contracting a deadly disease at the age of nineteen, resulting in him losing both his arms and legs. Tom not only went on to survive, but to thrive, taking on life with nothing more than a pair of prosthetic hooks and a dark sense of humour.
An antidote to the cavalcade of inspiration porn and vacuous quotes in our social media feed, Hook, Line & Sinner is a shot in the arm, providing an honest, fresh, funny, yet uncompromising take on physical hardship and what can be achieved when almost everything has been taken away. Driven by curiosity, steeped in debauchery and bold in his decision not to become a Paralympian, Nash is the modern-day iconoclast we didn’t know we needed, until now.

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