John Wood Jr.

National Ambassador for Braver Angels, host of podcast Uniting America

About John

John Wood Jr. is the National Ambassador for Braver Angels who has spent his entire life on the heavy fringes of race, class, politics, and faith, with the aim of reconstructing the American trust between its citizens to foster a better nation as soon as possible. 

In his podcast Uniting America, John challenges the notion of stalwart leadership and broadcasts the necessity for immediate action over hypothetical promises for the American future. 

For a thoughtful and challenging perspective on how one can
contribute to the united rebuilding of a country that thrives on hope and action, check out his podcast Uniting America.


Uniting America 
with John Wood 

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Politicians talk about uniting America, but who really means it? Millions of people think the USA is on the brink of divorce, but who is serious about holding America together? It’s going to take more than slogans to heal a country torn apart by mobs, demagogues and social media. It’s going to take leaders willing to talk to all sides–and challenge everyone to do better. John Wood Jr. (National Ambassador for Braver Angels) has spent his life at the intersections of race, class, politics and faith rebuilding trust between the American people to save American democracy. Listen as he challenges, and humanizes, some of the leading and most controversial figures in our politics while bringing you into the movement to build a house, united.