Desh Amila

Entrepreneur, trailblazing public intellectual, host of podcast What The Hell Happened To Sri Lanka

About Amila

Desh Amila is a Sri Lankan born product of immigration and innovation who understands the need to facilitate one’s own ambition in order to achieve the impossible. Hailing from the lovely island of Sri Lanka: often depicted as a tropical paradise, but not without its own share of hindrance, Desh observes how a nation once headed towards greatness is now struggling to pick up the pieces left over from a ruthless presidency. 


To learn more,  listen to his podcast as he takes us through in-depth dialogue in dissecting the Sri Lankan economic collapse, skewed government practices, and how the country remains unbreakable in its efforts towards a brighter tomorrow.


What The Hell
Happened To
Sri Lanka?

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What the Hell Happened to Sri Lanka is a five-episode limited podcast series that attempts to investigate the domino effect of events around the Rajapaksa regime that led up to the island’s current economic and political crisis. In this podcast, host Desh Amila talks to notable members of the Parliament, journalists, economists and researchers, to help paint a picture of the evolution of the current socio-political climate in his birth country of Sri Lanka.