Curt Jaimungal

Toronto-based filmmaker, host of Theories of Everything

About Curt

Curt Jaimungal is a Toronto-based filmmaker. He explores topics related to theoretical physics, consciousness, and free will through his podcast Theories of Everything. Through utilising the connection between physics, consciousness and meaning, Curt takes an in-depth dive into the intricacies behind meaning and whether or not there is an explanation, a Deus Ex Machina if you will to the most simple of theories.

Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal invites intellectuals and personalities with relation to contemporary sciences to share their takes on various subjects such as Panpsychism, God and meaning, and how we can equip certain mindsets to cultivate stronger understanding. For more of his work, check out his channel on YouTube.


Theories of 
Everything with 
Curt Jaimungal

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Watch unedited interviews with intellectuals on the topics of delineating extremism on the left, Theories of Everything (physics), free will, and consciousness. Exploring a fully articulated approach, where each interlocutor says what they think to be the case as precisely as possible without concern for high-level non-detail oriented conversations, is what I believe is both what people are most interested and what can move us away from dogmatic / unruly extremism