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What is This Is 42?

This is 42 is a community of passionate people where members have access to exciting events.

How do I go to a This Is 42 event?

To attend an event, you need to first become a member of the This is 42 community. Once you sign in, you can view all the event information and choose your seats.

What kind of registrations are there?

Registrations range from Meet & Greet and then Tier 1 through to Tier 3 seating arrangements. Please refer to the Events page for further details on the event.

Where is the stage located?

The stage is located at the bottom of the seating map.

Why do I have to fill out details for each registration purchased?

This is to ensure that each seat is allocated to a member of the This is 42 community.

I have registered for an event but haven’t received a PDF pass.

We do not issue PDF passes — the email received upon purchase is your confirmed registration with your seat details.

I have registered for an event but haven’t received a PDF pass.

All registrations will be sent to the primary email only (the first member’s email address).

My friends and I registered for an event separately, but we want to be seated together. How do we do this?

While we cannot guarantee you will be seated together, we are always happy to try and accommodate seating preferences. Please email info@thisis42.com and we will do our best to assist you.

Does the Meet & Greet include the main event too? What happens at a Meet & Greet?

Yes, all Meet and Greet registrations include the main event too. Following the main event, Meet and Greet registrations holders will be asked to remain in their seats, then directed to an exclusive Meet and Greet area. Drinks and food will be provided, as well as the exciting chance to mingle with like-minded people. During the Meet and Greet, you will have the opportunity to have your photo taken with the event speaker.

How do I get a high resolution copy of my Meet and Greet photo?

At the end of every event, Meet and Greet registration holders will receive an email with a link to a folder containing all Meet and Greet photos. If you are having trouble accessing your photo, please download your requested photo(s) from our Facebook page and email the photo you would like in high resolution to info@thisis42.com

I need wheelchair-accessible seating at the event. How do I select a ticket with this seat type?

We do accommodate those who require wheelchair-accessible seating. As these seating arrangements are different for each venue, we suggest that you please email info@thisis42.com to organize your seats.

Are 42 events appropriate for children?

Yes, all of our events are suitable for children unless we post a warning about explicit content.

Do you have any authorized resellers?

No. Please do not purchase your seats from any similar website selling registrations to our events. We cannot guarantee entry unless QR codes are presented by each member.

My question has not been answered above. How can I reach you?

Please contact us at info@thisis42.com or (+612) 9557 9021.