Paul Ollinger


About Paul

Money is the root of all the world’s functions, it can be said. Paul Ollinger, once the Sales VP of the popular networking site Facebook, is a speaker, comedian, and podcast host who uses a philosophical approach to deconstructing money and its mechanisms. 

His feature podcast Crazy Money hosts a trove of intellectuals and entrepreneurial moguls from celebrities to authors, the occasional Olympic Gold Medalist and on it goes. 

Despite the looser constraints of this century, the subject of money will always remain a concrete block, but that’s where Paul offers perspective, with honest discussions on the motives and ideas surrounding the pillars of currency. 

For extra insight into Paul’s incredible discourse on the matter, check out Crazy Money now.


Varied, honest, interesting I have been listening to this podcast for a few months. I have probably heard 30… I think there are several years of episodes. I have been able to pick and choose. Money and our relationship with it is provocative and compelling. The podcast hits it from many different angles. Paul, the host, asks great questions that aren’t simply feeding a guest's talking points — at least not that I can tell. It feels genuine. I recommend it!

Always glad I listened Our relationship with money is lifelong. It's complex. So it's good to hear a smart guy interview people who have interesting insights on money. It's even better when the interviewer is as funny and real as Paul Ollinger manages to be, no matter who he's talking to. At the end of every episode I'm always glad I listened.