Melissa Chen


About Melissa

Hailing from Singapore, Melissa Chen is a trailblazing journalist and is predominantly focused on various areas of activism concerning current issues in civil liberties. 

Being an immigrant who respects the ideal of free speech, Melissa strongly advocates for liberty of thought and opinion, and is responsible for founding the Ideas Beyond Borders foundation. The foundation focuses on translating English literature that is inaccessible in the Arabic speaking world, so that interested minds of all ages can find connection in provocatively thoughtful debate and opinion. 

Melissa’s Fair Perspectives podcast highlights issues on race, politics, gender, and more, striving to introduce arenas of civil discourse for all.


Finally! A thoughtful approach
I am so happy to finally have a thoughtful approach to discussing serious issues in our society from a perspective of bringing us ALL together. The opportunity to hear brilliant people having a meaningful conversation has been missing in our society. I love the fact that they are trying to bring people together under Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy. Focusing on character is so much more important than the color of our skins. This provides us with the tools to be able to talk about a touchy subject from a Pro-Human standpoint.

Adam H Larchmont

Best, most nuanced and objective conversation I’ve heard on this fraught topic. Great guest and loved that she endorsed the Nordic model of ‘wait and watch,” hopefully, please, longer than six months, which isn’t nearly enough time. FAIR Perspectives is an AWEsome podcast with wonderful, thoughtful, fair-minded guests. Many thanks